Teach for China Working Holiday

According to EF English Proficiency Index 2017, China was ranked the 36th out of 80 non-native English speaking countries in the world and was even lower than the average English proficiency of Asia. As knowing English would help Chinese young people know better about the world, we expect to overcome the language barrier they are facing. Teach for China Working Holiday scheme is launched to engage many English native speakers to offer their help in public kindergartens, language schools and any other public organizations in China. Of course, we will provide a safe and rewarding overseas life to thank those helpers.

The scheme is officially sponsored and piloted by Tianjin Foreign Enterprises & Experts Service Co., LTD. (TJ-FEESCO) and Tianjin Association for International Exchange of Personnel (TJ-AIEP) in Tianjin - a metropolis in China. If successful, we will expand it across China. For details about Tianjin, please refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianjin.

What we will provide but others cannot guarantee for scheme participant

Allowance allows you make travells across China.
Flight tickets and a standard studio will be provided. Alternatively, participants can take up equivalent subsidies.
Types of insurance, including life, accident and medical insurance, are specially made for the scheme participants.
Free meals are typically provided. Otherwise, participants can take up a equivalent subsidy.

Free Chinese Language courses
Free tours
Public service opportunities

What we will provide but others cannot guarantee for partner organization

After a specific agreement, a partner organization is eligible to utilize our chamber resources in China, including social media, human resources, database and so on. In particular, we aim to facilitate legal issues for the partner wanting to promote her programs in China.
We will bear a certain amount of cost that is related to the TCWH promotion by partners.

We would also like to take into account your ideas about ways of cooperation and needs of promotion in China.